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[soh-see-oh-brand-ol-oh-jee]: marketing strategies built around brands that positively impact society

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“Erin is an innovative and creative thought partner. She has the ability to see the bigger picture and the tactical elements to make results happen.”

Laura Plato, Courageous Be Coaching

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Erin Halley

Erin Halley

Erin Halley

Marketing Strategist/Founder


 I’m Erin Halley. Two passions fuel my work: helping you reach your goals and contributing to a better world. That’s why I founded Sociobrandology. I am driven to partner with brands that positively impact society. My background includes marketing for an international consumer electronics company, a leading national health advocacy nonprofit, a well-known healthcare institution and a small arts nonprofit. I will collaborate with you to grow your organization by developing strategies and tactics around your business. I will guide you through the process to determine the most effective way to market your organization. I believe in your business and care about your success. I can’t wait to partner with you and find ways to expand your business! I am so excited, in fact, that I am offering a FREE 30 minute one-on-one session to get you started!


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